Balada Shalawat is an Islamic religious album by Gita Gutawa, an Indonesian soprano, songwriter, and actress. Released in the year 2010, the title of the album means “Ballad of Salah” in English. The album was arranged, orchestrated, and composed by Erwin Gutawa, Gita’s father, and published by Sony Music Indonesia.

The main purpose of Balada Shalawat was to bring people to pray and praise Allah. The album included two new songs as well as six covers or rearrangements. The proceeds of Balada Shalawat were to be donated to the less fortunate people.

According to Erwin Gutawa, the Balada Shalawat was also made as a means to give back to the community after the commercial success of Gita’s previous albums. The first of these albums is entitled “Gita Gutawa”, which was the debut album of Gita which sold 150,000 copies in 2007. The second one is entitled “Harmoni Cinta”, a collaboration between Gita and various Indonesian musicians which was released in 2009 with part of its proceeds used to send poor students to school.

Balada Shalawat was recorded in Aluna Studio. The recording of the album took about twelve months, even though the process itself was not that intensive. Gita collaborated with her father in writing the songs entitled “Lelaki Sempurna” and “Kisah 8 Dirham”.

The other songs in Balada Shalawat were covers or re-releases. One example is the “Ketika Tangan dan Kaki Berkata” which was originally released performed by the artist Chrismansyah Rahadi (Chrisye) for Kala Cinta Menggoda (“When Love Tempts”), an album released in 1997. Another one is the “Selamat Idul Fitri”, a song which had previously been sung in duet with Hadad Alwi in a concert.